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Your HVAC Equipment

Many people do not realize that the most important thing you can do to take care of your HVAC system is to:

  1. Use a high quality, pleated filter
  2. Change it frequently to keep your equipment clean. 

Dirt in a system is the biggest enemy of having clean air in your home and longevity of the life of your equipment.  Using the inexpensive, fiberglass (blue or white) filters and not changing filters often shortens the functioning lifespan of good HVAC equipment.  An example:  If you have had to replace your compressor every 5-10 years, you should have your system closely inspected and determine the source(s) of its problem(s).  Quality compressors that are properly cared for and maintained can last for 15+ years.  The proper installation and maintenance of an HVAC system will allow you to enjoy many years of efficient and trouble-free functioning of your system. 






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