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What is Comfort?

Here in South Texas, we are constantly dealing with high temperatures and high humidity. Basically there are two types of heat. Sensible Heat is the actual air temperature in the building. Latent Heating is the amount of moisture in the air and the stored heat that it carries. HVAC Equipment that is too large for a house does a nice job of removing the sensible heat (dropping the air temperature) but does not remove the latent heat (humidity). This is why people sweat when it is 70 degrees in their home. The key is to design a system that efficiently removes both types of heat. 

Southern Comfort’s designs are provided by a Manual J 8th edition software that is the accredited by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). This program also tackles the biggest mystery in air conditioning: Air Distribution. This program will allow Southern Comfort to actually calculate (not guess) how much air you need in every room in your house and what size of ducting you need to properly deliver that air to ensure it is universally comfortable. There is no longer a reason to have uncomfortable areas in your home.



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